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    About Green Talents

    Find out more about the Green Talents Competition and the three pillars the prize entails: the Science Forum, the Individual Appointment and the Research Stay. more: About Green Talents.

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    Green Talents Competition 2014

    Learn more about the current Green Talents Competition and what it has in charge for you in 2014! more: Green Talents Competition 2014.

  • Science Forum 2014

    Where we will take you this year...

    The first element of the prize consists of a two-week Science Forum in Germany during which we will take the winners of the Competition to hot-spots of sustainability research. Have a look at what the Green Talents Science Forum 2014 has in store for you! more: Where we will take you this year....

  • Jury 2014

    Jury 2014

    The applications are evaluated by a jury of sustainability experts from industry, research and civil society. Find out who you need to impress to get selected as one of the 25 Green Talents 2014. more: Jury 2014.

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    Here you find profiles of all 105 Green Talents awardees of the competitions 2009 - 2013. more: Awardees.

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    News & Media

    How CURIOS are you? Learn more about the CURIOS initiative which was started by two Green Talents and aims at becoming a global movement with an international community of young changemakers engaged in conserving the natural and archaeological heritage of the world. more: News & Media.

Green Talents 2014 application phase expired

The 2014 application phase has expired. Thank you for your interest in the competition and for submitting so many applications. We are overwhelmed by the growing international response we received and by the quality of the applications that arrived.

The next steps will now be:

  • Evaluation of the numerous applications and selection of the 25 awardees 2014
  • Letter of refusal as well announcement of the winners in the first week of September 2014
  • Official start of this year’s Green Talents Science tour on October 27th in Munich
  • Official announcement of the 2014 awardees and publication of their profiles on the website on October the 27th

We kindly ask you for your understanding that we cannot provide any information on the ongoing evaluation and selection process.